Kilimanjaro Route

Marangu Route

  • Trail Highlights
  • Indoor sleeping facilities and amenities
  • Faster and less strenuous than other routes
  • Views and scenery excellent, prospect of viewing wildlife high
  • Least expensive route
  • Most popular route
  • The only one-way route, meaning you ascend and descend by the same trail
  • Available emergency evacuation service (Flying Doctor – Air Ambulance 24Hrs)


Set off into the tropical forest and hike uphill to the moorlands of giant heather and camphorwood trees, draped with bearded lichens. This first day 8 km walk is a very pleasant one and it takes about three to four hours to reach Mandara Hut.

Summon up the energy to walk for an extra fifteen minutes to the parasitic cone of Maundi Crater with its splendid views, beautiful wildflowers, unafraid blue monkeys and bashful colobus monkeys.

Continue to enjoy the forest as it reappears intermittently up to and beyond the Maundi Crater. Hiking today will be mostly through the more austere landscape of the moorlands, with their abundance of giant groundsels and lobelias.
Traverse stream beds and water courses and walk through undulating grasses and wildflowers during this six hours climb over eight+ km. Horombo Hut is generally regarded as the most pleasant of those on the route, though it can get somewhat crowded, catering as it does to both climbers ascending and those descending as well as to those who spend the day here acclimatizing.

Discover the drama of high altitude places as we continue our ascent, past the last water point and onto the saddle between Kibo and Mawenzi to Kibo Hut. This is a 5 to 7-hour hike through a dramatic, windswept landscape and a gradual but relentless uphill trail. Between the saddle and Kibo Hut there are remarkable views of Gilmans Point.

Achieve the Summit! We start our 7 – 8 hour ascent around midnight. The steep and arduous climb over loose volcanic screed lasts from five to six hours. From Stella Point, we continue along the crater rim to our final goal – Uhuru Peak. Here, a great sense of achievement will spark within you; just as the glaciers and ice cliffs sparkle around you in the early morning light.

Scramble down the screed and make your way to Horombo Hut, which takes about four to seven hours. On arrival at Horombo you will be more than ready for lunch, rest and recreation; go ahead and enjoy – you deserve it!

Enjoy your second walk through the rainforest on your final descent from Horombo Hut to Marangu Gate. This is a walk of approximately 5 hours and you should arrive back at Marangu Gate by lunchtime. Now is the time for a sad farewell to your guides, porters and new-found mountain friends – until next time?