Flex Power Modules Adds Variants to BMR492 Series
Flex Power Modules Includes Versions to BMR492 Collection 10.4V/700W and 12V/800W variations in eighth-brick format Peak power ratings of 950 W as well as 1100 W 40-60V input
STMicroelectronics Expands Connectivity for Smart-Metering Applications
STMicroelectronics Broadens Connection for Smart-Metering Applications STMicroelectronics has actually extended the certification of its ST8500 G3-PLC (Power-Line Interaction) Crossbreed communication chipset, now covering the United States FCC (Federal
Device That Can Deliver Long-Range Wireless Power
Gadget That Can Provide Long-Range Wireless Power Works really likewise to Wi-fi, other than instead of sending data, it sends out power as much as 10 metres without
Assistant Production Manager (Electronics) At Linepro Controls
Aide Production Manager (Electronic Devices) At Linepro Controls Regarding the task Experience: 2 to 3 year working experience in an electronic product making business Education: Diploma/ remain in