About us

Welcome to Tanzania with Dorcas Tanzania & Trekking Safari

Dorcas Tanzania Trekking & safaris is a Luxury Safari Tour Operator, operating Experiential Travel Services throughout Africa for individual, family & small group travelers.

An African safari is one of the most valuable investments that you can make. It is a physical journey that gathers spiritual and emotional wealth. At its completion, you are left with a brimming cache of wonderful memories. It is the ‘portfolio of your life’ that we are measuring.

A journey to Africa increases its real value by immense leaps and bounds. Africa, the cradle of civilization, entices all of your senses with the greatest treasures this planet has to offer. Watch the sleek leopard hunt its prey from the trees; Hear the rumble across the savanna of the Great Migration; Taste the sweet bouquet of South African wine off the vine; Smell the fresh rains as you trek across the mountain forests; Feel the mists from the ‘Smoke That Thunders’.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

We offer a comprehensive selection of custom designed trips to East Africa. Memorable, new and unique experiences are what we strive for, and will do everything in our power to help create a trip you are more than happy with.

An authentic and discerning tour of East Africa with Dorcas Tanzania Trekking $ Safaris, providing outstanding examples of sustainable tourism in a country with unbeatable natural resources. Stunning landscapes, spectacular wildlife diversity, and concentration, safari adventures to remember for a lifetime, challenging mountain and active watersports, barefoot beaches and idyllic islands, historical and cultural riches, all wait for you in dream vacation venues where you can relax in luxurious self-indulgence.

Who Travels With Us?

Dorcas Tanzania Trekking & safaris we are best suited to those who have never been to Africa or Tanzania before and are looking for an all-encompassing trip, with knowledgeable guides and comfortable accommodation. There is something for everyone interested in exploring the exceptional landscape, wildlife and cuisine Africa has to offer. We tailor make African holiday trips for travelers from all over the globe.

Where do we operate?

Despite what the name suggests, Dorcas Tanzania Trekking & safaris also provides tours in Kenya and Uganda. Part of our mission is to introduce travelers to Tanzania and these other destinations beyond the typical safari. To that end you may enjoy a beach holiday, gorilla trek, or hike up Mount Kilimanjaro.

Why Travel With Us?

Dorcas Tanzania Trekking & safaris is committed to excellence, and eager to help you create a completely tailor-made tour. We offer our advice on the best locations depending on when you are planning to go, the best months to travel, and continue to narrow down your options to specific areas and dates.

Selecting Dorcas means you are also selecting the experience of working with an expert travel planner to help with making your entire trip to your specifications.

Dorcas Tanzania Trekking $ safaris provides private luxury, guided and customized safari trips. We work with you to customize a trip according to your budget and the desired levels of comfort seek. While the main focus is luxury, there are several more budget friendly options available through Dorcas as well.

We believe in offering tailor made Safaris in and out of Kenya to all our clients. We promise that each and every encounter will be different and unique in its own way.

We believe in the power of offering something new, something better than you had previously experienced, and something that you will forever hold close to your heart.