onsemi Launches SUPERFET V Family of MOSFETs

onsemi Launches SUPERFET V Family of MOSFETs

onsemi, a leader in intelligent power and sensing technologies, today announced its new 600 V SUPERFET & rarr; V family members of MOSFETs. The high-performance gadgets make it possible for power materials to fulfill requiring effectiveness guidelines such as 80 PLUS Titanium, particularly at the highly challenging 10% tons condition. As part of the 600 V SUPERFET family, 3 product groups –– QUICKLY, Easy Drive and also FRFET –– are optimized to deliver class-leading performance in a selection of applications and also geographies.

The 600 V SUPERFET V family members provides excellent changing qualities and reduced gateway noise leading to boosted electro-magnetic disturbance (EMI) efficiency –– a considerable benefit for server and telecom systems. Additionally, system reliability is improved by a durable body diode and also elevated VGSS ( DC & plusmn; 30 V).

“& ldquo; With the goal of tackling climate adjustment, 80 Plus Titanium accreditation calls for web server and also information storage space equipment to deliver 90% power effectiveness degrees in 10% lots conditions, and 96% performances when dealing with 50% tons,” & rdquo; stated, Asif Jakwani, senior vice head of state as well as basic manager, Advanced Power Division, at onsemi. “& ldquo; The FAST, Easy Drive and FRFET variations of our SUPERFET V family are fulfilling these demands, providing a robust service that assures recurring system reliability.

The FAST versions use the best effectiveness in tough switching topologies (such as premium PFC) and also are optimized to provide decreased gateway fee (Qg) as well as EOSS losses to allow quick switching. The first devices consist of the NTNL041N60S5H (41mΩ ΩR DS( on)) and NTHL185N60S5H (185mΩ ΩR DS (on)), which are both in a TO-247 plan. The NTP185N60S5H is in a TO-220 package and also the NTMT185N60S5H is in a 8.0 mm x 8.0 mm x 1.0 mm Power88 package that guarantees MSL 1 and has a Kelvin source configuration to improve gateway sound and also changing power loss.

The Easy Drive versions are suited to both hard and also soft changing topologies and include an inner gateway resistor (Rg) along with optimized inner capacitance. They are fit to general function use in many applications consisting of PFC and LLC. In these devices, the integrated Zener diode between gate and source electrode for over 120mΩ Ω R DS( on )offers less stress on eviction oxide and greater ESD durability bring about better setting up yield and also lowered field failings. 2 gadgets are presently readily available with 99mΩ & Omega; as well as 120m & Omega; RDS( on) –– the NTHL099N60S5 as well as NTHL120N60S5Z are both supplied in a TO-247 plan.

The fast recuperation (FRFET→& rarr;-RRB- variations are matched to soft switching topologies such as phase-shifted complete bridge (PSFB) and also LLC. They benefit from a quick body diode as well as offer lowered Qrr as well as Trr. The robust diode durability makes certain enhanced system reliability. The NTP125N60S5FZ with integrated Zener diode supplies 125 mΩ Ω R DS (on) in a TO-220 bundle while the NTMT061N60S5F provides 61mΩ & Omega; in a Power88 plan. The most affordable loss gadget is the NTHL019N60S5F which has the RDS( on) of simply 19mΩ & Omega; in a TO-247 package.

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