SuaCode: learn to code on your smartphone

SuaCode: learn to code on your smartphone

SuaCode: discover to code on your smartphone

“& ldquo; SuaCode was a really accidental project that was substantiated our demand to introduce around the absence of laptop computers at out fourth yearly Task iSWEST in 2017,” & rdquo; says George, & ldquo; leading us to introduce students to coding with mobile phones– an initial of its kind in Ghana!”

& rdquo; In Springtime 2020, George ran SuaCode Africa 2.0, a smartphone-based online coding training course throughout the COVID-19 pandemic that educated Africans coding in English and also French. The team got 2.2 K+ applications from 60 nations throughout five continents. From these, 1.3 K trainees were enrolled, 740 pupils were admitted and also 64.2% completed and also built a pong video game on their phones.

So, what’& rsquo; s next for SuaCode

? Thankfully, anyone can currently access the SuaCode application by means of Google Play:

George claims, “& ldquo; We & rsquo; ve integrated a firm to progress SuaCode. Since we’& rsquo; ve released the application, we are working with expanding the number of students we call SuaCoders. We will also be developing additional courses and plan to companion with colleges throughout Africa to host as well as deliver their coding courses through our SuaCode platform.”

& rdquo; To get more information regarding SuaCode, watch this guest lecture by George.

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